Fudgy Biscoff Brownies

These easy, delicious, rich, fudgy Biscoff brownies are stuffed with Biscoff biscuits and spread! A truly mouthwatering one-bowl Biscoff brownie experience.


1 - Melt butter and dark chocolate together. Then add sugar and whisk to dissolve.

I use Whittaker's 50% dark chocolate.

2 - Add the eggs, vanilla. Whisk vigorously. Then add cocoa powder. Then whisk through the flour, salt and baking powder.

Take time whisking the eggs into the batter. This is the secret to crackly tops!

3 - Break biscuits into the brownie batter and fold to combine.

Biscoff biscuits are my fave coffee dunking cookies!

4 - Pour into prepared pan. Swirl in Biscoff cookie butter spread. Bake.

Melt the cookie butter spread into the micro to make pouring and swirling easier.

5 - Allow to cool and remove from cake pan before slicing. Enjoy!

Top Tip - cut into small bites and add to ice-cream for a great summer treat!

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